Monday, June 22, 2009

30-Day Shred: Day 2 (Calendar Day 3)

Sunday was a rest/recovery day. I was sore, but not terribly so. In the past, I've been sore to the point where I can't even bear the thought of walking. I had a few moments where I'd think, "do I really have to get up out of this chair?" but then I'd do it and it wasn't terribly painful.

Today I was still sore. Even after only one day of working out, I was motivated to try to eat better. I ate a Hot Pink Smoothie for breakfast, kim-chi and a tuna sandwich with pickles, onions, and spinach for lunch, 2 chocolate chip cookies for a snack, and Southwest Quinoa (also a GreenSmoothieGirl recipe) for dinner. Two chocolate chip cookies may be excessive for a strict dieter, but for me, that is fantastic. Usually I would have about 6 chocolate chip cookies plus a few (or ten) huge spoonfuls of raw cookie dough.

I wasn't sure I'd be able to do any of the exercises given my soreness, but I tried Day 2 anyway. I am still doing all the modified exercises. Every time I went down on the floor for abdominal exercises, my baby would try to get me to nurse him. Fortunately there is absolutely no way he would ever be able to get into my sports bra of steel (it's an Enell), so he quickly gave up that idea and alternately laid on me or kissed me instead. I did the workout in our bedroom with the laptop, and that was a good idea. I cranked the window air conditioner up full blast and turned the oscillating fan on. I was still pretty sweaty at the end, but not as bad as on Day 1. I was still shaking after it was all over.

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