Friday, March 26, 2010


I've written about and been chastised/encouraged about my struggles with eating sugar/getting off sugar MANY times. This isn't news to anyone who has ever read more than 3 of my blog posts.

Guess what I had yesterday? This is all in addition to regular meals:

- 1 Girl Scout cookie after breakfast (YoungestSon broke into them, so I helped myself to one)
- 2 Zingers (out of a package of 3 from the vending machine) as a mid-morning snack
- 1 Creamie after lunch (we had them for a work lunch the other day and there are leftovers)
- 2 Girl Scout cookies as an after-lunch snack (I have a couple of boxes in the freezer at work that haven taken me a few weeks to get through)
- the other Zinger as an afternoon snack
- a disgusting 'car' made out of a Twinkie with Oreo halves for wheels at the Pinewood Derby. I did not enjoy the Twinkie in the slightest. It was gross, and I had plenty of Oreos to satisfy my cravings. So why would I eat it? Why??
- a few bites of a Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard (went to Dairy Queen as a post-Pinewood Derby treat) -- I saved most of the blizzard for today.

When I look at that, I think, "oh, it's not that much, especially spread out over a whole day!" Yeah, right. I'm afraid to even calculate the grams of sugar in all that stuff. I used to pour table sugar into empty SoBe bottles to show people how much they were drinking with each bottle. I wonder how big the pile of sugar would be if I added all this up?

OK, I'm adding it up. . . 4 (Tagalong), 36 (2 Zingers), 13 (Creamie), 6 (2 Thin Mints), 18 (1 Zinger), 19 (1 Twinkie), 8 (frosting), 42 (4 Oreos?), 7 (1/10 Blizzard). . . . 153 grams of sugar

That's 12 Tablespoons!! I do take some comfort in knowing that people who drink several soft drinks per day are getting far more than that. That's rationalization though, right?

Apparently posting my sugar intake isn't enough to shame me in to quitting. Is it going to take severe health problems? Diabetes, adrenal fatigue, heart problems (recent evidence shows they're caused more by simple carbohydrates/sugar rather than fat/cholesterol)? I am sure that I am setting myself up for problems, whether they manifest now or in the future.

I'm amazed that I have so much knowledge about the real effects of sugar, but so little interest in actually doing something about it (besides whining, I mean).

Perhaps the one thing that (sadly) will motivate me is that a 'gut roll' has appeared around my waist and I am going to have to start wearing dresses every day if I don't do something about it soon. I know I need to exercise for many reasons. I think that I would see a huge improvement if I just quit eating all the crap! I truly enjoyed the week I ate all raw. It tasted SO good and I did not crave sugar. Each day I did have some 'raw' coconut/chocolate pudding that was sweetened with honey/agave, but I wasn't eating vast quantities of it, just one normal serving each day. The batch of pudding lasted me the whole week. So I really have no excuses left.

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