Friday, April 30, 2010


Some guys at work are talking about running. I am suddenly finding new motivation to get back on track to do a 5K (or more). Obviously I'm not thinking of beating these guys -- they're both seasoned runners, and one is close to winning local 5Ks. But I do have that competitive spirit that wants to say "hey, I'm a runner too!"

My biggest excuses right now are time and kids. It's still so difficult to run with the kids! If I take the jogging stroller and put the kids on bikes/scooters, it turns into a family fight session. The kids are continually endangering themselves or trying to crash each other, and I end up yelling at them the whole time. If we go to a track or field, YoungestSon stands there sobbing, and each time I run past him, he screams "holdj meeeee! Not leave meeee!!!!" and runs toward me with his arms outstretched. So sad! Money for a babysitter 3-4 times a week is not in the budget. I love making excuses, because then I have a reason for my failure. I'd rather move past that and do something even if I do fail!

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