Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in the saddle?

Today I suddenly had this idea that I should start training for the Ragnar Relay, even though I don't have a team. I looked up the novice training schedule, and they're still doing 15-minute runs (the schedule started February 1st). I figured I could do that.

But it would be so hard to train with my kids. Then I started thinking creatively. I realized I could take them to a park and run around while they play. I could run at lunch time. There are a variety of things I could do if I REALLY wanted to. So I decided I'd go on a 15-minute run tonight. Of course then it started snowing.

I left work at 6:00. We went straight home and started getting ready. I got running clothes on. I found snow pants, gloves, hats, helmets, coats, and bikes for the kids. We finally got going and got to the park just before 7:00. By this time of course it is dark. I start running and within 30 seconds I can't see the kids at all. Great. But then YoungestSon realizes I am running away from him and he starts sobbing. That's awesome, because now I can easily keep track of him. Instead of doing big 3-4 minute laps around the field, I switch to 1-minute laps right around the playground. Within a few minutes, it's totally foggy and creepy. I expect a kidnapper or killer to show up any second. YoungestSon continues to cry during my whole run, sobbing especially loudly each time I pass him and decline to pick him up. MiddleSon tries to help YoungestSon the whole time. He takes care of his little brother so well!

Finally 15 minutes is up. I didn't even die! I walked for about 30 seconds but jogged (through the snow) during the rest of the time. YoungestSon was very traumatized by the time I was done, so I sat on a bench and cuddled him for 5 minutes. He had missed out on riding his bike because of all the sobbing, so then he wanted to ride his bike for a few minutes. I followed him around and then we went back to the car and went home.

It seemed like a ton of work for a 15-minute run. But I guess it's a better use of time than aimlessly wasting time at home! Measuring my route on Google Earth, it seems that I went almost exactly 1 mile, though I think those measurements are somewhat sketchy since my lap was so tiny. A 15-minute mile isn't too bad for my first run in months, running through snow while listening to screaming children.

I don't know that I'll train for the Ragnar. I don't need to have an intense exercising schedule right now. However, I would at least like to make exercise a regular part of my life and get ready for the 5K that started this blog!

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