Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/5 - Sore

Wednesday, 5/5 - Day 2 of hundred pushups workout. I have already doubled the number of pushups I can do in a set. I am amazed.

Calves still pretty sore. Mid-upper back is sore. As I was running to chase YoungestSon this morning, I had a little jolt of pain/soreness in my lower back too. I assume both are from the push ups.

After the first day of the Push Up Challenge, I realized why I don't exercise. Well, it's really a Catch-22 sort of thing. When I get muscle soreness, I associate that with being REALLY sick, like when your body aches from the flu. So when I exercise, the next day I feel sick. Mentally I take an inventory and realize that everything actually feels fine, except the muscle soreness. But my brain has experienced muscle soreness along with the flu, so it apparently associates the two. Perhaps if I get sore often enough, my body will associate it with good workouts instead of illness.

Is being sore always a desired result? Or is that only when you're starting out? I'm not talking about pain. I consider pain and muscle soreness to be two completely different things. But they say that to build muscle, you need to tear it down and then let it recover. So is this an on-going process? Or do you get to a level where you've built up a decent amount of muscle and then it doesn't happen any more?


Jenny said...

Give it a few weeks, you're body will adapt. I get sore every time I change my workout, but I absolutely love feeling sore after a hard workout. I change my workouts every 2 weeks so my body never gets used to anything. Right now I can bench the 55 lb dumbbells and I don't get sore from that really.

Katie said...

What about running/cardiovascular exercise? Is that supposed to make you sore?

Michele said...

I get sore from running sometimes too,mostly my shins. It's like anything else in life, it were easy everyone would do it. It's hard, but the pay off is awesomeness.

p.s. sorry to hear about your divorce.