Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today is Shred Day 13. Everything from my knees down aches or is very tender. It doesn't feel like muscle pain. It doesn't hurt badly, but it is very, very tender, and I'm a little worried. The outer sides of my knees, the fronts of my knees (right below the kneecap), down the outer sides of my calves, and my ankles all hurt. The calf muscles themselves don't hurt. This seems to be bones, tendons, or ligaments.

If I knew what exercise specifically was causing the problem, I would modify it, but I'm not sure what it is. It does hurt to do jumping jacks. But it would make very little sense for them to be the culprit now. I did tons of them with no problem in Level 1. There are only a few as part of the warmup in Level 2. Maybe it's the high-impact of the high knees? The high impact of all the cardio? I don't know. I think I'm going to need to rest tomorrow and do something else. And then after that maybe I'll try running in place instead of some of the cardio exercises.

Despite what I said two days ago about just wanting to take the easy way out, I'm starting to want to master this thing! So having to modify heavily is quite disheartening rather than relieving.

Food today:
1 oz. pepper jack cheese
1 piece toast with little butter and honey
2 C green smoothie
BBQ beef on white roll
gross Wal-Mart potato salad
baked beans (with tons of kinds of beans, from garbanzos to limas!)
Fat Boy (I should have resisted; I picked it up literally on the way out the door from work!!)
delicious homemade potato salad


Chandelle said...

Okay, I'm glad I found your blog again. :)

So you inspired me to check out the Shred and now Jeremy and I are doing it together. The first time I tried it I seriously could only do 6 minutes before I fell on the floor and had an asthma attack. PATHETIC! It took me a WEEK to recover from 6 minutes! But then I started doing it again and after only doing it four times, I can get through all of the first level without having to stop. And now I pretty much love it, except when I hate it.

I don't do jumping jacks or get completely off the floor during jumprope because it's just too hard on my knees and hips. Plus, I need a much better sports bra to make sure I don't knock myself out with my own body. :)

I think you could definitely be having bone/tendon/ligament issues as a progressing problem with the jumping jacks, etc., which are about as high-impact as you can get. This is a problem that can develop over time. I even had shin splints just from power walking-light jogging to the train when I was working. It doesn't take much.

When I do the jumping jacks and jumprope I put my whole body into it, to try to get as much out of it as I can, but I just jump from foot to foot rather than lifting off with both feet. This definitely seems to cut down on the jarring impact in my bones and joints, so maybe it would help you.

I'm also alternating the Shred with yoga from day to day. Especially with the fibro, I don't want to knock myself out for weeks or something. The Shred workout is not much for flexibility, so I feel like I get a good relaxing workout, plus stretching those sore muscles and tendons, alternating yoga with the Shred.

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I had no idea I was getting comments -- I must have the notification turned off. So don't think I was ignoring you :-)