Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I have totally fallen off the exercising/eating well bandwagon. As far as I remember, the last time I Shredded or ran was July 29th. My son had a doctor's appointment that day, so I weighed myself. 119 pounds. So I have lost 4 pounds since my previous weight of 123 on June 12th! However, I am not sure if this is a success. I was hoping to build a lot of muscle through Shredding. But I'll take it as a success for now ;-) Although given all the information below, it may be a moot point.

I ate mostly raw the week of July 27-31, ending the experiment with salmon and potatoes for dinner on Friday the 31st. I felt great the entire week. My abdomen was always flat, and I just felt good. I didn't have hugely massive amounts of energy or any big changes, but I felt good. The most dramatic thing that happened was that on Cookie Friday at work, I was able to SKIP the cookies EASILY -- I had no craving for them at all. It was EASY. That has never happened to me with sugary treats like cookies, ever.

The next week, I continued to eat raw some of the time, other healthy foods some of the time, and also some crap (Moose Tracks Ice cream, Zingers, etc.). I had made some raw veggie wraps, so I was able to have those for lunch every single day.

By the next week, August 10-16, I was back to eating excessive crap. One day, I had a banana, toast/butter, nuts/seeds, cookie dough, asparagus soup, chocolate bar, spaghetti, a Blizzard, and fries. A little treat is fine, but cookie dough, a chocolate bar, a Blizzard, and fries all in one day is not fine. The only raw foods the entire day were the banana and nuts/seeds. It seems that with me, it's all or nothing (name that song). If I am doing well with raw food for breakfast and a green smoothie later, I am usually doing well the rest of the day. But If I am eating crap, I am eating a lot of crap, and few to no raw foods.

Looking back, I think the main problem contributing to this lack of good eating and exercise is some major stress I was under. On July 28th, my husband casually asked "what if" he looked for work in a city 1500 miles away. On August 3rd, he was offered a job there. On August 5th, his background check was finalized and the job offer was official. On August 12th, he left for the far-away city. Incidentally, that was also the Blizzard day. My husband has done this before, gone to far-away cities to work for a few months. But I don't like it. I need a LOT of time to get used to new ideas, way longer than 1-2 weeks. So to say that was and still is stressful is a huge understatement. I am now essentially single parenting, which means I am under a lot of stress and I cannot jog alone.

Sunday night I made a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting. Mmmmmmm, so good. I have planned all healthy or raw meals for dinner and leftover-lunch this week. Last night my mom took the kids and I school shopping, so we had Red Robin for dinner. And of course we'll be working on that delicious cake all week (and I have a recipe for another, far more decadent, chocolate cake I HAVE to make). But hopefully I can get back on track with healthier eating habits and start exercising again, even if I can only do DVDs at home. Maybe I'll save that other cake for my birthday (the ingredients I would need would be $20-$30, so it really is a special occasion cake), and then take most of it to work to get rid of it.

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Chandelle said...

Wow, what a lot of stress. It's so hard to stay healthy when your life is in turmoil.

I have only had good stress, but the stress of traveling to AZ for two weeks and then UT for another week and also having Jeremy gone for three weeks was just a leetle too much, and I have basically fallen off the wagon of exercising. Now that I'm back home I'm eating okay again, but in UT I basically ate nothing but bagels. And gin & tonics. So-o-o-o-o healthy.

The best we can do is climb back on the wagon, even if it seems like we have to chase it down first. :)